Help Needed: Amputation after care for cat

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Help Needed: Amputation after care for cat

Postby Anne » Sat Nov 20, 2004 9:24 pm

My cat, Jack, had his left hind leg amputated thursday. The vet is closed until monday and I am worried about his pain. He does have a pain patch...but the area has some redness and he wakes up trying to get away from the pain as if his leg is caught in an imaginary trap.
Did this happen to anybody's cat after surgery?
I know this was the right decision but it has been an agonizing four months of trying to save this leg. I just wish my vet advised me to do this back when the accident happened.
I'm hoping someone has a word of advise for his after care.

Re: Help Needed: Amputation after care for cat

Postby CarolC » Sat Nov 20, 2004 10:16 pm

Hi Anne,

I wish I knew something that would help. My cat had a pain patch after bre*st cancer surgery where they removed all 8 bre*sts and left a 3" long drain in, and it worked extremely well. She was very comfortable. That one patch lasted around 10 days. It was amazing. I guess I would smooth down the patch and be sure it is really stuck to the skin well so it can deliver its medication. It seems like these things always occur on the weekend and you feel so helpless. You might call the weekend vet and speak to someone about it if you think he's in pain.
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Re: Help Needed: Amputation after care for cat

Postby critters » Sun Nov 21, 2004 6:36 am

Have you tried putting a "low" heating pad or warm Snuggle Safe unit in his favorite spot, plus a soft, fluffy bed? Then give him all the rubs, scratches, and love you can. Extra-yummy food might help, too.

While you might not fix anything with it, I bet it'll fade in his mind; I've seldom met a kitty that didn't feel better with spoiling!

A human amputee posted about phantom pain relatively recently, and CarolC found out that the newer family of drugs used in humans with chronic pain, such as Neurontin, can be used in critters. I'm NOT SURE if that means kitties, since many things puppers take kitties can't, but it's worth looking into.

Good luck!
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Re: Help Needed: Amputation after care for cat

Postby Anne » Wed Nov 24, 2004 10:52 am

( I responded through a email reply and it came back undeliverable...sorry...I'm new at message boards)
Hi and Thank-you for your advice and caring. Jack is doing better and he definately responds to
all of the extra attention....unfortunately my Aunt arrived sunday with her dog for a visit for the entire week so
Jack is stressed out and mad at us. But being kept in his own room will at least give him uninterupted rest.
I have tried rubbing the pain patch to make sure the meds are getting to him and I think that was great advice...Thanks.
He goes for a check up today...I think each day will be better and hopefully pain free soon!

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