Crazy legs

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Crazy legs

Post by SchnauzerMom » Sat Feb 03, 2018 11:14 am

Gino is going on a year from his FCE. His rear legs are paralyzed and doesn’t have bladder or bowel control. He does spinal walk at times. He is doing great and is a little happy guy. My question to everyone is—the last couple weeks he has been a little fidgety at night. This has been keeping me awake so one night I propped him on his back between two pillows and his back legs just started moving like he was riding a bike. This went on for a few minutes then he went to sleep. About an hour later it started up again. This went on most of the night on and off. So now when he gets fidgety I turn him over and his back legs just go crazy. Has anyone else seen this in their dogs? Should I be concerned?

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Re: Crazy legs

Post by CarolC » Sun Feb 04, 2018 12:34 pm

Yes, this gets reported quite a bit with FCE, and as far as I know it's a good thing. Sorry for the late reply, it took a bit of searching to find some examples so you could see what some previous members have reported. I'm sure there are more examples, in fact I remember a whole thread about it one time with several people chiming in because their dogs all did it too, but I haven't found it yet. Just need the right search words... :thinking: Maybe critters will be able to find it.

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