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paralyzed kitten

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paralyzed kitten

Postby NWitt » Sun Mar 21, 2010 3:58 pm

It looks like most of the web site is dedicated to dogs, but I have a kitten that was born paralyzed from the waist down and will need "wheels" for mobility. Can you help or know anyone who can? Nanci
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Re: paralyzed kitten

Postby critters » Sun Mar 21, 2010 4:56 pm

:slant: Sure! People have made kitten wheelchairs out of K'Nex toys, rolling toys, and other feats of creative engineering. For a baby, you want one cheap and/or adjustable since you won't use a "real" wheelchair until the baby approaches full-size.

HOWEVER, don't be surprised if the baby wants nothing to do with wheels; kitties are notoriously hard-headed critters who typically want to get around in their own way and time, whatever that might be. :mrgreen:
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Re: paralyzed kitten

Postby Bendy Kitty » Sun Mar 21, 2010 6:43 pm

Cats are definitely a part of this site, and we're glad you found us.
i second the suggestion of an adjustable cart. we made a temporary cart -for Mimosa is was more of a PT tool - out of a kid's toy we bought at Walmart. put her belly on it and attached her with vetwrap. It worked fine for short periods.

we have a two legged cat here, TwoBit, born w/out hind legs who just walks around on her front legs and holds up her butt, sometimes 'bouncing' it along behind her. As your kitten finds ways to get around, keep a close eye on the legs, feet & tail for any drag-burns or wear. I remember a garment some people talked about that had front leg holes, then a long piece of fabric that went under the rest of the cat so they could pull themselves along without worrying about friction burns. anyone remember where to get these?

at 4 weeks it is a bit early to tell if kitten is eliminating on his/her own, do you have the momcat or is this a bottle kitten? you might want to read the information on expressing, just to be ready.

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Re: paralyzed kitten

Postby LisainCAN » Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:04 pm

Hi Nanci,


Lots of special-needs animals here, including cats, birds and even an alpaca.

Can you give us a bit more info on your kitty? Age? History?

Glad you found us.
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Re: paralyzed kitten

Postby Diana R. » Sun Mar 21, 2010 7:31 pm


I have 3 with paralyzed back legs---none of them have carts and they all get along just fine without one. Simon is almost 8 years old and pulls himself along---he had severe congenital deformities and is also incontinent.(He also is a registered therapy animal for American Humane.) Harley, who is going on 3 years, they thought was HBC but also had some deformities. His hindlegs stick straight up and he is quite fast in scooting around and can go up and down stairs and can climb cat trees and enjoys terrorizing some of my other cats. He is also incontinent. Glory is 7 years old and her spine healed at a 45 degree angle. While her back legs look normal, they are paralyzed and she pushes with them by reflex. She can also climb and go up and down stairs. I would give your kitty some time before you go right into a cart. Also, does your kitten urinate on its own if not you will have to express and when I got Simon as a kitten I would express him about 5 times a day and now I do 3 times a day for both him and Harley. Good luck with your baby. Diana
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