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Wheels - yes or no

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Wheels - yes or no

Postby molliepups » Tue Feb 14, 2017 2:23 pm

Hello. I have a 9 year old mini daschund that had a spinal injury 4 years ago resulting in partial paralysis in her hind legs. She can walk, but not for long periods of time and she tires pretty easily and drags. She does weekly swim rehab to get some exercise, but it's not enough. I'm currently struggling with her weight she's pushing 14 pounds and pretty much maintained at 11 pounds before she was injured. I'm thinking about a wheelchair because she really needs more daily exercise besides running around the house (she only goes about three houses down from ours before she stops trying to walk). It isn't enough to keep her weight in check or make her a tired puppy at night.

However, she is a stubborn thing (and lazy) and I'm worried she'll get lazy with a chair and not even try walking without it. Anyone have experience with this? Is getting her mobile on a daily basis worth the chance she may refuse to walk unassisted? I have a very small yard and during the summer she gets additional play by chasing the hose around but that's not a year round solution.

Advise? thank you
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Re: Wheels - yes or no

Postby nbregger » Tue Feb 14, 2017 3:12 pm

Good news! Our Walkin' Wheels Small Wheelchair was designed just for dachshunds just like yours! The wheelchair allows the dog to use their back legs to develop the muscles while taking some of the weight off their abdomen. Now she will be able to take long walks again without feeling tired. If someday the rear legs are paralyzed, then you simple allow her to use the stirrups to hold up the legs. This wheelchair also comes with a belly belt to give more support for their back, or spinal, disc issues. If you would like to order this wheelchair, it is $50.00 off and free shipping in the US. For the fold of flank measure, just put in 5" and the weight. :thankyou:
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