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Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

For those seeking advice on caring for incontinent pets and animals with kidney-related problems.

Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

Postby LaLa » Mon Dec 21, 2009 2:08 pm

Hi all. I have not posted in a while. Our cat LaLa was hit by a car in 9/08 and has since been incontinent (urine and poop). Her tail also lost its function, and we had it amputated. These are her only symptoms of the injury. She has become an outside cat, because we were unable to successfully use diapers (we'd still find poop and pee puddles around the house) and we're unable to confine her to one room. We still express her urine once per day. We do not express her poop, but she does poop one inch or so pieces on her own (involuntarily, I think). She often seems uncomfortable and is found squatting a lot (as if to poop?). She'll also scratch in the dirt of a litter pan. I tried to express her poop at one point, but then I got pregnant and couldn't because of the bacteria. I have a young baby now, and it's hard for me to do it. I think my husband is not willing.

LaLa has had at least 2 bladder infections since the accident, and she often is very irritated around her vulva. Our vet has suggested wiping it clean, and we do that when we see her, at least once a day, but sometimes twice.

Is there anything that you all can recommend that we do to help improve her comfort level and minimize these irritations and infections? We feel like there must be something more we can do for her.

Thank you again for your help!

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Re: Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

Postby critters » Mon Dec 21, 2009 3:31 pm

She's probably getting a bit of pee burn from leaking. You can use Cavilon spray to protect her from the pee, and it goes on her skin rather than her hair. It might be helpful to have a vet or groomer shave a pooper path before you use it.
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diapering in cats

Postby LaLa » Mon Dec 21, 2009 9:46 pm

Thanks for your response. We'll look into the Cavilon spray. I also looked at the diaper section on this site. Are people with very leaky cats really able to effectively use diapers? We had such poor luck with them, but would be happy to try again if it would mean that she could actually spend some time inside and be more of a normal kitty. Is there a diaper solution that would keep everything in?

Thanks again!

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Re: Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

Postby CarolC » Tue Dec 22, 2009 12:38 am

Hi Anne,

There are at least two diaper covers that have a drawstring around the tail for containment. I can appreaciate the situation of a baby crawling around picking things up off the floor.

On the idea of expressing the bowel, I wonder if you are focusing mainly on the area under the tail when you tried to express the bowel? That works for dogs. With a cat, the abdomen is so very pliable, you can place the palm of your hand on the abdomen and place your thumb and fingertips on the sides up high near the spine and squeeze and actually move the feces in the right direction. You can't do this with a dog very well, the abdomen is firmer and more structured. My cats are generally very tolerant when I want to squeeze their abdominal area for whatever reason.

Did the vet tell you about the possibility of fly strike with an incontinent outdoor cat? It's where a fly lays eggs in the skin where it is soiled or raw, and larvae hatch and go down into the skin. If you don't catch and treat it, it can even be fatal. The other problem I don't know if s/he mentioned is a risk of megacolon. I don't remember if that came up earlier when you were here. A cat with fecal incontinence can develop chronic constipation leading to an enlarged colon and further slowing of the bowel. It can require surgery. Things you can do to keep her regular include massaging the colon and expressing the bowel, adjusting the diet, using medication (lactulose syrup, Propulsid), pet enemas, soaking in warm water, and keeping her hydrated with sub-Q fluids. You probably don't have time for all that with a baby to care for. Giving lactulose syrup once a day is easy and takes little time, that would be a good choice when you don't have a lot of time, you might ask the vet about it.
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Re: Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

Postby zoe9397 » Sun Dec 27, 2009 11:23 pm

What about expressing you cats bladder more than once a day. Our vet said that it should be every 8 hours or it is very unhealthy for the animal since its bladder muscles can get stretched out and cause more problems.
I know it is a lot of work but it has become a routine for our household. Our cat sleeps in the bathroom on her bed with pee pads on it. The urine that leaks out gets absorbed fast from the cotton. As soon as she gets up I express her bladder. She stays in the bathroom during the weekdays since I am at work and can't watch over her to make sure doesn't have an accident around the house. As soon as I get home i express her bladder again, then before she goes to bed.
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Re: Irritation, etc. in incontinent cat

Postby troopersmommy » Mon Apr 19, 2010 11:30 pm

I don't know if this will help, but my handicapped kitty Trooper was having problems with UTIs and infections. He's no longer "feral" but he DOES NOT LIKE TO BE PICKED UP AND WILL BITE and scratch, the little squirt. I was beside myself, but I didn't want to constantly have him on antibiotics, etc. He pees and poops on his own, he won't let me express him (although I have hopes he will one day), but I know the pee dribbles all during the day. We give him weekly baths to keep him clean and "scald-free". What saved him and me was adding a few drops of apple cider vinegar to his water every day. Only a few drops, or they won't like the taste of the water. Trooper laps it up and no more UTIs. Hope this helps a little. Oh, and I have 2 rooms (that open up to an enclosed "kitty" sun porch) set up in the back part of my house just for him and my other kitties. The rooms are joined by an opening cut between the walls in a closet. That allows my little dogs (my kids) to have the freedom of the front of the house. We don't have a huge house or anything, but the rooms I picked were an old breakfast room and guest bedroom.
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