Help Needed: New incontinent cat

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Re: Help Needed: New incontinent cat

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Another member pointed me to this thread as I recently rescued a litter of 3 girl Manx barn kittens, and one displayed fecal sphincter incontinence shortly thereafter and it's been quite a ride this past week deep diving into understanding the condition and what can and can't be done for her. I just foster and vet these kittens until they're adopted, not looking to keep them, but it's looking more and more like I won't be able to find her a home. Shelters and rescues are all full and say she's unadoptable. She's the sweetest thing, and she actually uses the litter on her own perfectly to pee and poo, but she is constantly leaking feces out the back. She could always go back to the barn, but I worry her life expectancy will drop without rigorous attention to her hygiene and diet.
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Re: Help Needed: New incontinent cat

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Did you try the FB group? *rolls eyes* at "unadoptable. There are a few rescues and sanctuaries who take wonkers, but I'd think your best bet would be people, perhaps people with, or at least familiar with, spinal cord injuries, plus parents with other disabled kitties. Where is she?
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