Amputee kitten onesie

Please post questions about pets who are expected to undergo amputation or who have already undergone amputation here, as well as pets born with missing or incomplete limbs.
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Amputee kitten onesie

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This kitten is a front amputee and the onesie is covering her incision. It looks like somehow they've arranged it so her rear is completely free of clothing. :smart:

amp kitten.jpg
Here's another one. It looks like the neck hole is in the front but they aren't using it as a neck hole. Or maybe the orange is part of the graphic. Looks more like an orange binding on the neck. Can't quite figure it out.

amp kitten2.jpg
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Re: Amputee kitten onesie

Post by critters »

Neat idea. Tripod left her stitches alone, and I never considered such things.
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