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Foster or Home Needed: Alfredo, Paralyzed in Back Legs

For elderly, disabled, and special needs animals in urgent need of being rescued or adopted--within 7 days.
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Foster or Home Needed: Alfredo, Paralyzed in Back Legs

Post by Courtneycp » Wed Oct 02, 2019 12:42 pm

Hi! I rescued my handicapped pup from a rescue who has another pup who needs a home. The rescue brought the pup to NYC after they vetted a possible forever home for him, but they found out some undisclosed information that makes them ineligible to adopt. Right now, he is in a temporary foster home but needs to move to a new foster home ASAP as the dog in the home doesn't get along with other dogs (he is only in there because of emergency need). Currently, he has nowhere else to go from here. Alfredo is a really sweet and cute pup (images below). He is in the NJ/NYC/PA area. Please let me know if you are interested. The rescue does a full vetting of fosters / adopters, so you will need to go through that process - I am just here to spread the word! Zero Stray Pawject is a great rescue/advocacy organization that puts their full focus on rescuing dogs with very little to no hope.

Below is some information on Alfredo from the rescue.

‘I am Alfredo, a loving and affectionate paralyzed hound mix. All I want is a warm bed, lots of cuddles and belly rubs and lay at your feet. I am mellow, good with other dogs, cats and children and very thankful and easy going. I can easily live in a home with other dogs and cats. I am neutered, vaccinated, blood tested and have been waiting for over 4 years for a home!

My owner abandoned me in a rubbish damp in a small village outside of Athens, Greece. Sadly, the fate of hundred thousand of dogs in Greece. Nobody knows how long I had survived in that dump on my own but any dog living on the street is in danger. So was I. I became a victim of a hit-and-run car accident. The driver who hit me never stopped to bring me to the vet but left me injured on the street. My rescuers believe that I must have lived in that state and in agonizing pain for many weeks and it is a miracle that I had even survived. Because of the car accident, I have a broken spine. My feet were completely wound from dragging them behind, I was full of ticks that drank my blood and I had become skin and bones. I am also missing half of an ear and nobody knows exactly what happened to me. But in July 2015 I was finally rescued and taken off that dirty garbage dump.

I have been longing for a home for over 4 years. Zero Stray Pawject will take care of food and medical bills during the time of foster in or around NYC.

Despite a rough start in life, it never broke my spirit and loving nature. I am a very kind dog who LOVES everyone! I love people, especially children, I love other dogs, I love even cats. I easily trust people when I realize that you will not do me any harm and boy then I become a huge snuggler. I love to give kisses and lick your hands. I am a HUGE love bug and could stay with you at your feet (or preferably in your bed ? ) all day and just have you hug me. Do not let me go! I am the most easiest going dog you can think of. Mellow and so obedient.
I am a very polite dog. When you leave, I never bark. I am just thankful for every little attention that I can get. In my fosters my rescuers do not have a lot of time for me, because there are so many injured and sick dogs to take care of. Character wise I am a gem of a dog. You probably will not find a better dog than me who is more loving, loyal, mellow and easy going.

I am in a wheelchair and need to get my diapers changed a couple of times during the day and my bladder extracted at least once a day. But I am really good and hold still. It is easy to learn and ZSP will help if you don’t have any experiences, as long as you are committed.

I am 38 pounds light. So I am not too heavy to lift me out of the wheel chair and change my diapers. In addition to a wheelchair, I will also require ongoing medication. But ZSP will tell you all about what medication I need.

The only thing I ask is to get hugs and kisses constantly. I am thankful for every little bit of kindness.

Below is a video on the rescues facebook and more information. The post says foster found, but that is before this situation happened.
https://www.facebook.com/zerostraypawje ... __tn__=K-R



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