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Little Beni needs a kind family ..please help

For elderly, disabled, and special needs animals in urgent need of being rescued or adopted--within 7 days.
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sara nezam
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Little Beni needs a kind family ..please help

Post by sara nezam » Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:46 pm

In May 30, 2015 we found very little puppy(we called him Benie) in street near our office in Tehran, Iran.he was in a bad condition, his belly was big and his tail and his hind feet didnt move.we transferred him to Hospital

Beni is full of Energy and Life..he is Happy and Kind , all people in Hospital love him and care about himand he deserve a kind and caring family .we do all we can for him.but here in Iran there is no family who can take care of him .he need patient and kind family.shelters is not suitable for him .I know caring disabled dogs is hard and need full time energy and me and my boy friend both are working.every day after work we spent time with him but its not enough.
Beni now is 3.5 months and he will be about 25 kg as an adult dog.but his hind legs moves but dont have any sense of pain.therefore he can not use them.since we havefound it in street we dont have any history about him.we did MRI and it show lots of pressure in his T11.we did surgery and now it takes time.
now he is waiting for second round of his vaccine by this week.

we really need help.i do email every day for any places you think in all over the world but still no answer .Here in Iran we still couldn't find a home for Beni . rescued animals in Iran are not safe .also in Iran we dont have enough facilities for such disable animals.

he also has a page in Instagram:all his movies and photos ..from the first day until now


and of course you can call me any time , Im from Iran, Tehran. or send me PM in here.

this is my phone number :+989107879482 (Sara)

my friend phone number: +989125665410 (Hesam )

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Re: Little Beni needs a kind family ..please help

Post by critters » Mon Aug 10, 2015 9:26 am

:whale: Thinking of where to crosspost this... :thankyou: for taking care of him!

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