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Long Island - 8 yr old llasa lost beloved owner

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Long Island - 8 yr old llasa lost beloved owner

Post by Christine » Mon Mar 21, 2016 6:41 pm

Lucky is a darling boy who is just full of sloppy kisses and is never
happier than when he is snuggled up getting a belly rub. He is very
smart--when it's time for a walk, he brings his mom his leash. He absolutely
loves to take walks and his next favorite pastime is to watch TV with his
mom. At night, he sleeps at her feet.

Lucky has no aggression. He adores other dogs and would love to have a
canine companion.

Lucky has had some major adjustments lately although he is such an easy
going boy you'd never know it. First, earlier last fall, his longtime owner
passed away and this poor boy was dumped in a kill shelter by the owner's
children. Matted and scared, Lucky was rescued by PAWS. He was quickly
adopted and was happy in a loving new home.

At a vet appointment to access his cherry eye, the doctor explained that
poor Lucky had a badly infected eye and was likely in a great deal of pain
and so PAWS arranged with the vet to have the diseased eye removed.

Lucky adjusted well and gets along just fine but now, so sadly, he is losing
his new adopter. For personal reasons, she is moving across country and
cannot take him along. She is devastated to lose her companion and wants to
know he is safe and loved in his new home.

Lucky does have some separation anxiety so we are looking for a home with
another dog or an adopter who is home a lot.

If interested, please contact Maria at Mariaeftimiades@yahoo.com
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