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Only has Til 9 am Fri 1/13/17

For elderly, disabled, and special needs animals in urgent need of being rescued or adopted--within 7 days.
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Only has Til 9 am Fri 1/13/17

Post by MissWhiskers » Thu Jan 12, 2017 6:38 pm

***URGENT RESCUE PLEA!!! Must receive email by 9am Friday 1/13!!

10 year old spayed female
Owner surrender (cost)
Assessment medical

Rescue plea from shelter:
We have a geriatric F/S DSH FeLV/FIV: neg/neg. This cat is a left hind limb amputee with severe and chronic skin disease, which we have begun treatment on. This cat will require life-long medication and veterinary care for allergies. This animal also has severe dental changes and a plaque of the lip margin which may be related to the allergies or be the clinical sign of another autoimmune disease.

She is a sweet girl.

Please let us know by 9 AM 1/13 if you can take this girl.

Main thread https://www.facebook.com/UrgentCatsOfTa ... =3&theater

How to save: If you can rescue, you MUST email RescuePets@HillsboroughCounty.org BEFORE 9AM with the words DO NOT EUTH and the Animal ID# in the subject line (serious commitments only). Email MUST include your name, contact information, and what time you can pick up the cat tomorrow. DO NOT email unless you are personally picking up the cat! The shelter will not hold cats for out of state adopters, so don't email and ask. MUST BE PICKED UP TOMORROW IF READY!! Please also send a copy of your email to UrgentCatsofTampaBay@gmail.com so we know who is still in danger.

Hillsborough County Pet Resource Center
440 N Falkenburg Rd
Tampa, FL 33619
(813) 744-5660

Open 7 days a week 10am-7pm
(Phones answered M-F 8am-5pm only)

https://www.facebook.com/story.php?stor ... 3961019365

**I hope this link works! But all the info is above.

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