Charlie needs a home, UK or Central Europe

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Charlie needs a home, UK or Central Europe

Post by catsrmylife » Thu Jan 30, 2014 8:39 am ... 685289099/

Charlie is currently in Bulgaria and looking for his fur-ever home.

Found on the streets with an old injury, stinking due to incontinence and with urine scald :(

Charlie has a high energetic trauma, the injury is dated 20-25 days ago, he has a broken hip and displaced lumbar vertebra which presses on a nerve related to urinating function. The process of calcification has been already started, so Charlie may not be operated on but he will be hospitalized for the next 20 days at least or until his health is stabilized.

It looks as though Charlie will need to have his bladder expressed for the rest of his life, he can wear diapers.

Charlie's rescuer is able to get him vaccinated, neutered, chipped etc. ready for his pet passport, once he is well enough.

If you can offer Charlie a home or would like to be his virtual adopter or even if you would like to donate towards his care, please get in touch with Ivelina Nedkova - her e-mail address is This same address is her paypal if you can help financially - no amount too small!

The situation for animals in Eastern Europe is dreadful, wages are low and living costs high. I have 3 of my own Romanian special needs rescue cats (in addition to my other 12 UK rescues).

Thank you.

Susie x

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