RIP: Paralysed tabby boy in Turkey/Instanbul :'(

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RIP: Paralysed tabby boy in Turkey/Instanbul :'(

Post by catsrmylife » Tue Apr 15, 2014 9:24 am

*16.04.14 update* Sadly, when the fosterer went home last night, this boy had passed away :'( He had been eating, drinking and toileting and had only been vet checked 4 days ago. He must've had some other health issues which weren't apparent. RIP beautiful

This beautiful boy has been rescued in Turkey/Istanbul and is being fostered by the lovely Elif.

This boy is paralysed and it is highly unlikely that he will ever walk again. He is not incontinent.

He is looking for a permanent home.

If anyone is interested, please contact Elif via Facebook (the link is below).

Many thanks


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