Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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I have a Pekin Duck named, Buttercup, that cannot walk on his own. His legs look ok, there is no discoloration of any kind, no sores, but he has always had trouble walking pigeon toed and tripping over his own feet. It became more difficult for him to walk and now he can only stand 1 or 2 seconds before falling down. So, to this soft hearted old fart, he is worth giving a chance at life, as an indoor companion. He has already taken to the water therapy a have for him twice a day and he just loves being in the same room with us. I am now working on a design for a wheel chair for him, he has use of his legs, but cannot support his weight, he can only stand for a second or two then he falls down. I am going to build a walker/wheelchair for Buttercup. I am thinking of using Pex pipe and fittings, I have lots of these parts, so it would help on my tight budget. Using Pex Pipe would be light weight and easy for him to move around. Any ideas for designing the wheel chair would be grateful. I am new to this so just trying to get ideas as to not over look any special needs the duck needs. He started out on duck starter food and is now eating "Gamebird Feed," with 18% protein in it. Yea, try typing on a keyboard with a duck laying his head on your arm trying to sleep.

Ps: to anyone who is interested, I have found that puppy pads are the greatest thing for Buttercup to lay on. They are super absorbant and helps control the smell.
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Re: Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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Magic Quack wrote:Yea, try typing on a keyboard with a duck laying his head on your arm trying to sleep.
Love picturing it! :hearts:

There are 2 different wheelchairs shown in the links in this post:


Another good picture here:


You may like this whole website:


http://www.lemontheduck.com/lemonphotos ... hotos?i=15

This one is for chickens but it might give some ideas.


I have found caster inserts at the local Do It Best hardware store (not Lowe's or Home Deport). If you do not have a Do It Best they are online.


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Re: Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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Re: Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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Re: Wheel Chair Ideas Needed

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Nice videos
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