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Handicapped bird advice

Please post any questions here about problems that are specific to birds or exotic pets, such as llamas and reptiles.
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Handicapped bird advice

Post by Birdmoms »

Hi! I recently saw an add on the internet detailing a baby Indian ring neck with severely deformed feet "free to a good home". I of course had to take him, because "free bird" terrifies me (all kinds of people suddenly decide they want a bird when they hear the word 'free'). The owner unfortunately doesn't seem to know much about what's going on with him, but that's okay, I'll be bringing him to our vet for a checkup when we get him.

Even if it's fixable (I don't have high hopes, but there's always a chance) for a while at least, he'll likely not be able to use his feet at all. Apparently they're mostly useless. Does anyone with experience keeping birds with foot deformities/injuries have any advice? I've read a little about cage set up, but I can't seem to find the nitty gritty details of caring for a special needs bird.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thanks for reading :thankyou:
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Re: Handicapped bird advice

Post by critters »

:whale: You might look at the other posts on this board and make some replies; some people may still get notifications at reply back to you.
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Re: Handicapped bird advice

Post by vhayes »

You can add a path. To eat disk and water at a low level to get more. Line the bottom with several layers of non-localized feather or paper. And all of its wooden or plastic pods are covered with vet wrap for extra traction and cushioning to help prevent tripping
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