Duck with injured leg

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Duck with injured leg

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We took in a female khaki Campbell last month. The previous owners said that she hurt leg winter 2022. She never went to vet etc. We tried a split but seemed to not make a difference Now that the cold weather is moving in that leg doesn't move really. Even when swimming in the bathtub the leg doesn't really move. We are thinking we need to make a duck wheelchair? She doesn't seem to be in pain just only able to use one leg so she can't move around well. Is there anything we could do for a year old injury that never got treated? Or just get her as comfortable as can be to help her move around better.
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Re: Duck with injured leg

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Hi Duckymom18,

I wonder if you have 18 ducks! :wub: :D

I'm not sure what can be done for a year-old injury, but here are some links you might interested in.

The first links are ideas to make a DIY duck wheelchair.


viewtopic.php?f=66&t=21849 ... e5b4ac8601

This is for chickens but it shows ducks, too. :)

This is a commercial duck wheelchair.


This is a facebook group for Ducks With Disabilities started by one of our members, Sebastian's Mom. ... 801984018/

This is a website about a duck with a different kind of disability, but it's a lovely website.

Hope something in one of these links will give you some ideas. :idea:
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Re: Duck with injured leg

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