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Lame foot too - paralyzed

Please post any questions here about problems that are specific to birds or exotic pets, such as llamas and reptiles.
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Lame foot too - paralyzed

Post by damag » Sun Mar 11, 2018 9:18 pm

My budgie has a wound cause by silver nitrate on one of his foot toe. The vet took a sample and the wound is infected with staphylococcus. As he took the sample , he also made the wound bigger. I can see there is a kind of crust. One vet told me that the skin is already burn. she doesn’t think skin will regrow. Do you think skin will regrow on his foot toe. Since this vet took the sample and make the wound bigger my male budgie wasn’t able to perch with that finger. Is paralyzed. It is just flat y doesn’t have a reaction if I push his foot finger.
Can the vet could Had been so clumsy to cut a nerve? Will my budgie ever recover? Will it help to practice massages to his finger? Please anyone help me please :cry:

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Re: Lame foot too - paralyzed

Post by critters » Thu Mar 15, 2018 7:45 am

I replied on your other post, but this one has more information. Curious that it was caused by silver nitrate; I wondered it that might help the wound heal. It could, indeed, be paralyzed. There's not much meat on a bird's foot, so I would think it would be easy to damage a nerve. If so, the nerve SHOULD eventually heal. No guarantees, but nerves heal slowly. I don't know that I would do too much with exercises until the wound is healed because it seems to me that it would be painful and would break the wound open again.

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