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Calming aids for hyper puppy when traveling

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Calming aids for hyper puppy when traveling

Post by Unamina » Tue Feb 12, 2019 1:32 am

Ok so we went camping last weekend. We took three boys and left Jake with the sitter. Phinny was hyper, excited and easily bored. It rained and was cold so we did not get out as much as planned. The KOA we stayed at (only place left over the holiday weekend) was packed with people and lots of dogs. The campsites were very close. Phinny barked at all the dogs, kept wanting to run out the camper door, he was pretty good, but it was not the relaxing weekend that we thought it would be. Of course he is a like a baby that needs constant attention. Unlike the older boys who are just happy to lay outside and enjoy the nice lazy day.
We are planning to go again this weekend. I must say I am not looking as forward to it as I usually do. My thoughts are to take him to playcare this afternoon for five hours, and all day 8 hour play on Thursday and then half day on Friday. The ride to the campground is about 2 hours. He is fine in the truck. I wanted to get some calming aid such as rescue remedy to have in case he gets out of control. I have used that for my cat when we moved and traveled by car for three 8 hour days and hotels. He was about to get dropped off the side of the road 60 miles from home when I stopped at a petstore and bought it. He was calm and mellow the rest of the trip. I don't want Phinny to be knocked out but a little calmer and less of a monster would be nice. any thoughts?

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Re: Calming aids for hyper puppy when traveling

Post by critters » Tue Feb 12, 2019 7:42 am

:welcome: Personally, I haven't been impressed that that stuff, but if it works for you, great!

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