Deaf dog lured into camel enclosure

Blind and deaf pets can live happy, healthy, quality lives. In fact, sometimes it's hard to tell them from sighted pets. They do, though, have their own special needs.
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Deaf dog lured into camel enclosure

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On Thursday, Sept. 19, the woman, her husband and their deaf dog stopped at Tiger Truck Stop — a petting zoo in Grosse Tete, when they came across Caspar the camel, the Iberville Parish Sheriff’s Office told local newspaper The Advocate.

The woman’s husband began throwing treats to their dog underneath Caspar’s fence. The pooch then crawled inside the enclosure.

Because the dog is deaf, the couple had trouble retrieving their pet, prompting the woman to crawl into the camel’s enclosure to bring the dog back to the other side.

However, the camel began to panic upon seeing the woman and sat down on top of her, police explained.

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Re: Deaf dog lured into camel enclosure

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Oh, brother!! :shock: :thankyou:

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Re: Deaf dog lured into camel enclosure

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