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Bendy's brother Hermes is with him now

For help and support with the passing of a pet. Sometimes we feel very alone. We're not alone.
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Bendy's brother Hermes is with him now

Post by BendyMom » Wed Sep 14, 2016 7:05 pm

Hermes has been sick for a long time. We thought we were fighting pancreatitis, and a sinus infection that woudl not go away.
But Friday night I looked at him and I knew. One thing I will say about taking care of so many special needs cats over the past 16 years is that I have gotten much better at knowing when it is time.
at his prime he was 17lbs. In february he hwas 12 pounds. Last week he was 8 pounds.
he was no longer himself. he didn't even enjoy playing with my freshy washed hair which used to be his favorite thing. he was eating more out of habit.
He woudl have been 16 on 9/15. I'm glad I celebrated him bday along with SixToes' on teh third. I had a feeling he wasn't going to make it.
Monday I held him, as I hold them all, and said goodbye. It went very peacefully.
I promise all my cats that while I will do absolutely anything for them, I will not let them suffer. There is a point where I know that the battle is lost and the only thing ahead is suffering. I will not let them enter that realm.
I cried so hard I scared all teh cats in teh house and they ran and hid. Thinking about it makes me cry again. I miss him very very very much, and he was a link to Bendy, who I will always miss.

my huge handsome gentle caring boy,
another piece of my heart gone.
Hermes and Bendy as kittens
BendyHermes.jpg (21.15 KiB) Viewed 3279 times
Hermes & 6Toes.jpg
Hermes and 6 Toes as slightly older kittens
Hermes & 6Toes.jpg (21.86 KiB) Viewed 3279 times
Hermes in 2005, all 17 wonderful pounds of him


Bendy Kitty
forever in my heart
always missed
i am not the same without you.

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Re: Bendy's brother Hermes is with him now

Post by critters » Thu Sep 15, 2016 9:14 am

Aww, I'm sorry for your loss. :cry: What a handsome fella.

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Re: Bendy's brother Hermes is with him now

Post by CarolC » Thu Sep 15, 2016 10:19 pm

Such a beautiful cat. I imagine the ones who hid understood. They're going to miss him, too. The whole house is going to miss him. Your heart knows what's important, I don't know how else you could possibly feel. Love does not stop on a certain day at a certain hour, it continues on. Almost 16 years is a long, long time. I'm glad he had you.

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