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hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Orthopedic/Arthritis: Problems associated with joints, bone, and connective tissue, and CH (cerebellar hypoplasia), or brain damage.
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hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Post by Nicole » Wed Jul 19, 2006 7:34 pm

My dog currently can't walk at all and we have been using a towel to support her hind end but it's really not working...is the rear end leash strictly for dogs that can walk and just need aide or could this work with our situation at all. We're trying to get instructions to build a cart but I'm not sure if that will completely do the trick?

Christy Mullady
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Re: hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Post by Christy Mullady » Wed Jul 19, 2006 8:04 pm


http://www.handicappedpets.com/Mobility ... arness.htm

Both of these appear through Handicapped Pets and the articles here might help you out. I'm sure you'll get some help from some members who actually have used these leashes and can answer some of your questions. Good luck!

Carol T.
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Re: hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Post by Carol T. » Wed Jul 19, 2006 10:50 pm

Prior to my English Setter getting his cart, we used the Rear End Support leash exclusively. At first he could walk, but fell frequently. Then he deteriorated further and couldn't seem to make his hind legs work. Strange, but in the cart he actually uses his hind legs!! I still use the Rear End Support leash occasionally, but he's heavy (65 lbs.), and we only use that to go out and potty. Others on here have used both a front and rear harness with good results. Perhaps they will post. The wheelchair is a godsend!!!

Barbara O.

Re: hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Post by Barbara O. » Sat Jul 22, 2006 9:03 pm

I actually bought the rear-end support leash for Rudy and used it in conjunction with his car seat belt when he could not walk at all - he was 70+ lbs. of dead weight Doberman with spinal arthritis (you can see his lovely face in the Gallery under REMEMBER ME). This rear end support leash was a GODSEND. Once both were attached, we threaded the loop where you would hold it, through the loop on the seat belt part where you would normally hook that through the seat belt, and secured it to hold it fast. Then his front and back were both supported evenly. It looked and acted like a make-shift harness.

Rudy couldn't walk at all before his first treatment and then he walked with both leashes for about 3 weeks/a month and the arthritis just crippled him up so badly and the bedsores came the glaze came over his eyes and well - you can read about that on REMEMBER ME too, if you aren't already familiar with Rudy's story. I'm still crying just thinking about it. I miss him so much and it has been 5 months since he is gone on the 17th of July.

Buy the leash. It works and it's well worth the money. It'll save your back and it'll help your dog greatly - but I do advise you to use it in conjunction with a harness or seat belt, like we did. Your pup will look like a giant tote bag when you are using it, but you'll be transporting him/her safely & comfortably and with the soft supports that come with the rear-end leash, if you have a male dog, you don't have to fear the family jewels (we called Rudy's the Dober-mints) will be harmed. And he never peed or pooed on them. Run it by your vet - I did. You'll sleep better that way. Hope my input can help you.

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Re: hip dysplasia: Rear End Support Leash

Post by Tiffany » Wed Aug 02, 2006 9:18 pm

Does your dog use his front legs? if he does I don't see why the rear end leash wouldn't work My dog Eros came home from the hospital and couldn't use any of his legs I used a regular back clipping harness for the front and a crib sheet for the back and that worked for me. He is a GSD and was 65# when he came home from the hospital. If your dog isn't too sensitve the crib sheet is alot easier to handle then a towel even a regular sheet is better for you, but It doesn't provide as much padding as a towel.
We wish you the best of luck!
Eros & Tiffany
Eros & Tiffany
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