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Using Care Credit to purchase wheelchair

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Using Care Credit to purchase wheelchair

Post by HollyGwynn »

Hello All!

I was wondering if it was possible to purchase a wheelchair using care credit? My vet isn't an authorized dealer for Hpets so going thru them isnt an option. What tips might be out there for making this purchase?

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Using Care Credit to purchase wheelchair

Post by CarolC »

Hi HollyGwynn,

I spoke to Samantha at HandicappedPets and asked her if they are a merchant that can accept Care Credit for a wheelchair. She said if your Care Credit account card has a Visa logo on it, then you can order directly through their ordering system and it will accept it. If it does not have the Visa logo, then you can have your vet that accepts Care Credit order the wheelchair, and then you pay the vet with your Care Credit. The vet would not have to be an authorized dealer in order to do this, they just have to submit the order and you go pick it up. It's kind of exciting! :D

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