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Post by SoniaMM » Fri Feb 20, 2015 7:06 pm


Hi from Madrid,

When I was a puppy, my parents picked me up from the street. I was badly hurt, and I missed one of my rear legs. I don´t remember how it happened because I remember only the good things ...

It's been a few years, and so far I've been happy running and playing with my three legs and I've never felt sad or insecure.
The trouble came a few weeks ago when I felt a sharp pain in one of my front legs and my daddy took me to the vet to see what it was was happening to me.

The vet took me an x-ray, and then a thing called TAC, and finally he realized that I had bone cancer. My mom and my dad were very sad, because it seems like a very bad thing and they began to look for solutions.
After much thought, they decided, as it hurts me so much, they asked the vet to amputate my bad leg, and they proposed that although I was going to be a very very special dog, with only two legs, my life would be happy everything lasted.

Now, I´m recovering from the operation and I have also begun receiving chemotherapy to try that cancer does not return.

They bought for me a very cool harness, which is about to reach by post and a very good friend of my daddy is going to lend me a wheelchair so I can run all I want.

My mom and my dad are unemployed and they are spending all the money that they have. They want me to go to swimm at a very cool place, two or three times a week. It's called NARUB and is a warm water pool for dogs with problems like me, where I could enjoy and exercise and so then I can move easier and to get stronger to use the wheelchair.

If you can help me with a euro a month, I'd appreciate a lot, and I promise to send photos of my progress, adventures and days of swimming pool.

Thank you very much and a lick of heart.


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