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Urgent need of financial aasistance

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Urgent need of financial aasistance

Post by joy » Tue Dec 13, 2016 9:44 am

Hi ,

I have a 11month old Golden Retriever who got ran over by car on Tuesday Dec 6th. He is in Hospital from last six days. we took him to emergency vet Hospital after his accident . They kept him there for whole night & did X rays & other tests. Next day they referred us to Dallas surgical center. His one hind leg is broken badly & the other hind leg is not responding . Doctors did X rays & C T scan of his other leg but they are not able to find out any problem in other leg . They don't know what is causing this problem. All this are delaying treatment of his broken leg. we already spent lot of money on his treatment. Now we are not in a position to spend more on him.

He can only recover from his injuries if i can spend more money on him . Even little help from you will be apprecited.


Thanks for your support

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