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Wheelchairs on a budget

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Wheelchairs on a budget

Post by HandicappedPets.net » Thu Feb 22, 2007 9:19 pm

Many people come to this message board in need of free carts, but only very rarely is there anyone who has a cart to donate. We encourage you to try some of these sources for affordable pet wheelchairs.

There are several places you can get used wheelchairs.

Animal Rehab Canada:
"Recycled Chairs: When chairs are returned, owners will receive 30% back on the cost of their chair. Recycled chairs are 30% less new costs and also can be returned for 30% rebate"

Best Friend Mobility:
https://bestfriendmobility.net/used-whe ... -c-24.html

Classified Ads:
You can post an ad to buy a wheelchair or search ads of people selling wheelchairs on:

Disabled Dog Stuff (UK):
http://disableddogstuff.weebly.com/stor ... ducts.html

Doggon' Wheels:
Used Wheelchairs Available

Dogs to Go makes very affordable wheelchairs that people here have reported on favorably:

You can find secondhand carts on eBay, however a correct fit is very important and some companies offer wheelchairs through eBay that nobody here would recommend for your pet, so shop wisely. Keep in mind that whether new or used, a well-built adjustable wheelchair will be easier to resell when you no longer need it, so you can recover much of your cost in the long run, whereas a custom wheelchair will only fit other pets of similar measurements.

Eddie's Wheels:
"We have many used carts in stock that are available at steep discounts. If you are interested in a used cart, submit your measurements online and request that we check our stock for a used cart.
We regularly discount custom carts for dogs in rescue"

K9 Carts rents wheelchairs by the week, both 2-wheel and 4-wheel styles.
https://www.k9carts.com/rear-support-do ... air-rental
https://www.k9carts.com/full-support-do ... air-rental

Walkin' Wheels has a rental program:

Other cost saving options include:

Homemade DIY:
There are a number of patterns and instructions to make a homemade dog wheelchair:

CH Cat (cerebellar hypoplasia) homemade designs:
https://www.handicappedpets.com/mediawi ... sabled_cat


Some organizations may pay for all or part of the cost of a cart, or lend you one when available.
CorgiAid, Inc. https://corgiaid.org/wp/cart/
Gunnar’s Wheels https://www.facebook.com/Gunnars-wheels ... 164561706/
Handicapped Pets Foundation http://hpets.org/
Red Flyer https://www.facebook.com/RedFlyers/
Rescued Rollers www.RescuedRollers.com
Rolling Dog Project https://www.facebook.com/TheRollingDogProject (makes carts for free)
Wheeling Superheroes https://www.wheelingsuperheroes.org/

Rescue Discounts:
Some cart manufacturers offer a discount for rescue groups or veterinary referrals.

Breed rescues:
You could also check with breed rescues in your area.

Veterinary clinics:
Veterinary clinics will sometimes lend you a wheelchair if they have the size available.

Veterinary Insurance:
Veterinary insurance does not only cover medical expenses, some plans also cover wheelchairs.

Embrace Pet Insurance
"Prosthetic limbs, devices, & mobility aids"

https://www.gopetplan.com/blogpost/givi ... alyzed-pet
"Better yet, dog and cat wheelchairs and/or carts allow your pet to roam as they wish (and can be covered by your Petplan pet insurance policy!)."

Trupanion offers coverage for orthotics, prosthetics, and carts under core coverage. These assistive devices help disabled pets live a happy, normal life.

Please report broken links or additional sources for secondhand or homemade wheelchairs to critters or CarolC by PM.