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Happy purrday Bendy

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Happy purrday Bendy

Post by BendyMom »

Today is the Late Great Bendy Cute Kitty's birthday. He would have been 21. I used to tell him that I needed him to get to 30 but instead he had to leave at 11.
Thanks to this tiny mite of a kitten I was launched into handicapped pet care, coming here with just a few others to try and figure things out together.
I did handicapped cat care at full intensity for 20 years.
Now, little Bendy, I look at your picture and have to apologize. I am so tired. The cats here are trickier even than you were sometimes. I still do my best by them, of course, but it leaves little energy for the rest of the world. Sometimes I can answer questions, sometimes I just see there are other responses and so let it go on by.
I would love to snuggle in your soft bellyfur again and forget the world for a few minutes. Sure, I can snuggle others but there will never be another Bendy Cute Kitty.
that soft fluffy belly
that soft fluffy belly
Bendy and SixToes, born 9/3, passed at 18 yrs old.
Bendy and SixToes, born 9/3, passed at 18 yrs old.
lil bendy POUNCE 6 Toes.jpg (13.71 KiB) Viewed 140 times
Bendy and Hermes, born the same day.  Hermes passed at 17 years old.
Bendy and Hermes, born the same day. Hermes passed at 17 years old.
BendyHermes.jpg (21.15 KiB) Viewed 140 times
Ninga helped raise tiny Bendy.
Ninga helped raise tiny Bendy.


Bendy Kitty
forever in my heart
always missed
i am not the same without you.
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Re: Happy purrday Bendy

Post by critters »

:( Yeah, I know what you mean. Some of them are just SO special.
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Re: Happy purrday Bendy

Post by CarolC »

This brought tears to my eyes. Happy birthday, Bendy! All these years I have never seen that video. The work your mom does in the Bendy house is the most important thing, and part of what you left her. You left far too soon, and you are still missed every, every, every day, but still here. So glad for what you and your mom are together, bringing light to the world. Many purrs to you and your dear mom, and happy birthday!
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