Crate pan cover for traction

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Crate pan cover for traction

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I just saw this on Chewy. It's a cover you slip onto the tray of a dog crate. This would be great for when your senior pet gets to the place that their feet slip on the plastic. It would be a hassle keeping it clean, but you could put another layer such as a towel or blanket over it. The second layer would not slide around, at least not for a cat. A dog might burrow under it. When my calico, Piper, got old she was having trouble keeping her footing in her feeding crate and I was putting all kinds of towels and flannel cloths in there for her to stand on. It helped, but this would have been better.

Actually the size Large would about fit the bottom of a playpen, too. Large is 29 x 42.5. Playpens normally run about 25 x 37. Not perfect, but tuck it under.

I have a couple of crate mats for Dolly from Midwest and they are really good fabric. I bet this is worth $30 for XL. The flip side is fleece.

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Re: Crate pan cover for traction

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Interesting idea. :thankyou:
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