If you want to adopt a handicapped pet

Post here if you would like to adopt a special needs pet.
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If you want to adopt a handicapped pet

Post by HandicappedPets.net » Tue Jan 20, 2009 3:12 pm

If you want to adopt a handicapped pet, we suggest you include:

1) Location
2) How far you are willing to travel or fly a pet in from
3) Experience
4) Types of special needs that would be considered
5) Preferred breed or size of pet
6) Preferred age
7) Any other details you feel are important

Most rescuers require the following, so please be prepared to provide:

1) Name and Address
2) Rent or Own (letter from landlord required if renting)
3) Experience with disability (if none, show you have done research to help you in your day-to-day care)
4) Vet references
5) Home Check
6) Personal references
7) Are you able to support the pet in the manner they may require

We do not require this in order for you to post, but the shelter / rescuer will no doubt require some or all of the above. Please understand they have huge financial and emotional investments in the lives they have saved and must protect them.