Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

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Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Post by CarolC » Tue Aug 06, 2019 11:36 am

kandykane wrote:
Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:27 am
Skipper did take a walk to his water bowl all by himself had to stop half way there but he did it that is about 20 steps, but way back didn't use rear legs figure that's ok he's trying on his own terms
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Yay! Skipper!!!!!
I was waiting to celebrate, there have been several times I thought deserved celebration but this for SURE does. Good for you, Skipper!

So he just turned 15 and his injury was the end of March. There is always hope! I'll never forget Winni the lemon beagle who was 21 years old, attacked by a 90# dog and flung around like a rag doll in February and down on all four for a long time, but up and sprinting in May. Love and home care and time.

In places he would like to walk, are the floors slippery? I've had good luck putting mats down for my dogs. I like the commercial variety entry mats that are 3 x 5 and have a flat black rubber border. They run about $18 at Lowe's, or they did, haven't bought them lately. Another good place is Global Industrial online. Dunno though, your sister very well may not want you redecorating her house. :wink:

Did not realize you did computer repair, that is extremely cool. I managed to replace the power supply in this one, but that's as much as I've done. :lol:

Yay again Skipper!!! I am so happy! Not surprising it tired him out. I seem to remember it is not just because of lack of exercise and muscle atrophy. It is also that it simply takes more effort when the signals are getting through but not 100%, kind of like a stroke victim who tires so easily at first. But nerve damage continues to improve for years.

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Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Post by kandykane » Sat Aug 17, 2019 8:04 pm

haven't been on line
Too much rain here 7" everyday for a week and still coming down
had to pick up a few trees, small limb came through roof

had to take Skippers pool and tent up, too wet, he's not happy about that
but still doing his therapy and massages, he like his ball
been trying to walk more and more, I dd the pinch test again and really no improvement

good news is got his nails cut, the lady that does his nails gave a surprise visit
she just has been having it rough also, she had to put 1 of her dogs to sleep after she got back in town
and she just has been having it really rough, sat and talked, got her feeling a bit better, sent her home with some homemade cream puffs, when I make them I always make to many not really a sweet eater myself

Talked with the Vet and showed him the bug, he said it was most likely part of the irritant, had to be lounged in there deep or just happened, no nose mites, says has to be the allergies as the are real bad this year for some reason, Skipper has only done a couple inverted sneeze like noises a couple times in the last week, but still has snot (pale white) not as bad, but seems as though he wants his ear scratched down to his neck on 1 side looked and cleaned them they look good asked the Vet about that also, said it could be allergy related if it keeps up bring him back in

Hope you are doing well

Oh ya, the house is all carpeted and a few throw rugs, he does slip around, just think he has a long long road ahead of him and he's got me to get him motivated, even if he gets mad at me at times and he can that's ok, I know this is taking more of a tow on him than me, just wished he could really talk and tell me, I do know most of what he says, but would like to know if he is just tired and thinks this is as good as it's gonna get or what so I motivate him and let him know everyday I Love him and we will get through this

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