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Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Aug 29, 2019 9:08 pm
by kandykane
I'm going to use Gloom and Doom next time I see a vet,
tired of being nice and not making no head way
Just going to say are you going to Doom and Gloom or are you going to
do the job you are suppose to be doing is helping animals, didn't you all take a oath

Been watching this Hurricane Dorian here, not a good time for it,
we will get hit, I am more inland but will still the effects, so far rain rain rain and wind will be 80mph on and off here when it hits if is stays strong and on the course they say it is

been trying to button down the hatches here and all I think is Skipper, but I think I got it so he will be safe and if we got to evacuate for some reason I can carry him to the suv

was playing with his favorite squeaky toy and he usually wants to get up and give me arm, he will usually stand up hold on to my arm and kiss my ear, I am usually on my hands and knees
well he got half way there, I laid down he got my back and got my ear kissed, made me smile, he was trying
Probably Friday night Saturday morning expect no power for at least 8 days or so at least that's what my sister tells me every time a hurricane hits here, so if I don't post this is why

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Aug 30, 2019 10:39 am
by CarolC
I am glad you are somewhat inland, I had been wondering about that, but wind is wind wherever you are. You have gas in the car?

I was just going to post about Dorian but you beat me to it. :D I heard the weather report this morning, they were saying it is category 2 and they expect it to go to category 4. Back when during Katrina, pets were not allowed in shelters. Then they passed a law telling shelters to make preparations for pets because so many people said, "I'm not evacuating if I can't take my pets." I'm with them. There was a pet charitable organization called OrthoDogs Silver Lining Fund and they were selling T-shirts back then to try to get that law passed, which it was. I still have a T-shirt.

In spite of that, I'd rather sleep in my car with no amenities than stay in a shelter, but you've got your sister so that really complicates things, so I 100% hope you don't have to go anywhere.

The only good thing, if there is one, is you've already had branches fall down recently, maybe the weak wood is already down now. 80 mph is a lot, do not know how high the winds were in your last couple of storms. You said you got some roof damage.

Maybe you could make an evacuation list for Skipper? And one for your sister, too? I hope you guys are not without power for 8 days, that is a l-o-n-g time. ... aster-plan ... Safety.pdf

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Sat Aug 31, 2019 12:17 pm
by critters
For power outage these power banks can be useful. ... UTF8&psc=1 . You can't run a fridge with it, but a laptop, DVD player, fan, etc. is fine. There are also good fans now that can run off the cheap USB power banks, if anybody's interested.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Tue Sep 03, 2019 9:23 pm
by kandykane
Haven't posted
thought we were gonna get hit so was busy busy busy
Thank God we are not gonna be to bad here
so feel for all that got hit really bad

Got a couple boxes of supplies I am bringing to the animal shelter
pet items, non perishable food, blankets etc for both people and animals
they bring the donations where needed and I trust they will
I have a real tuff time trusting the Salvation Army and Good Will
with the Salvation Army I used to work at a day old bread store, had a huge forest fire and they came in asking for donations, called the owner and they said load em up, Well I used to have to travel through the fire, but would stop at the Church where they had the main rest area for the fireman and would stop and give water and snacks on my way to work after I found out which way I could travel, long story short all The Salvation Army brought them was the bread, I loaded them up with snack cakes, water, potato chips and none was giving to them, called my boss again and told them they said pack some boxes and give it to them from us personally please and I did and let them know what the Salvation Army did, They are out there putting their Lifes on the line. so I am very choosy if I donate and really can't afford to do it much

The outside is so clean, picked up some clutter that was lying around, think we all have our clutter piles outside, still have limbs in the yard and expect more, we will only get winds of 30-40mph and probably will lose power but not as long I hope

I like the power outage bank, I do got a solar power cell phone charger got for a buck at a yard sale checked it out works great, but I am going to check out the power bank Thank You, I like that idea

With Skipper really nothing new to add, for a few days I was to busy and kinda neglectful wasn't as active as I have been with Skipper, did do therapy and all but not as long as usual
He still is trying to stand and walk, has more up time when he is pooping, he was really low to the ground but he almost squats and poops like he used to before his injury
Hoping in a couple days I can put his pool and tent back up

I did have a evacuation plan, I rented a storage unit, figured, got a portapotty air mattresses and all and a hose so we could wash yourselves off and a few buckets, food and a small electric burner and a couple pots, we would stay there if needed, I won't want to stay in a shelter neither, I would sleep in my car also

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:54 am
by critters
We'll probably get rain and wind, but we're not expecting anything terrible at this point. I'm glad y'all didn't get anything bad.

Those power banks are good for fans, computers, DVD players, and other small drain devices.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Wed Sep 04, 2019 9:45 pm
by CarolC
That's really nice that you donated some supplies for the animal shelter. I'm far enough inland that we don't get direct hurricane effects (and Dorian is too far to affect us at all), but when they reverse the highways down on the Gulf coast and start emptying out the coastal metropolitan areas, they come here and fill up the hotels and pet boarding at the vet clinics. Even with pet housing available for pets of refugees in Red Cross shelters and the like nowadays, there are still city animal shelters and humane societies that need to evacuate their pets to somewhere safe, and we receive those, too. I really admire the coordination among animal organizations.

It seems like just listening to the roar of the storm would be very hard on some pets. I was thinking about that when they talked about how many hours it stalled over the Bahamas. The poor pets. I can imagine dogs climbing the walls and cats hiding and not wanting to eat, which can have very serious consequences. It has to be hard on pets even if they are able to ride it out, don't lose their homes, don't get lost or injured, it still has to be hard on their nerves.

Being able to squat is a combination of using strength and balance to squat, while at the same time relaxing enough to potty, so it's kind of a complex action. That is really good if he is squatting on his own. :D

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 11:47 am
by critters
Yes, they bugged a lot of adoptable shelter critters out of those areas, and some of them ended up up here, too. So far nothing but clouds and wind here, and we've been waiting for days...

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Sep 06, 2019 8:48 pm
by kandykane
They do work so hard at the shelters to make sure the animals are safe
even with no hurricane the man that runs the shelter here trys to make sure every animal will go to a Loving forever home it seems I have watched him a few times

These hurricanes are nerve whacking, think it's because they don't know what they are gonna do
hope you all faired ok Critters through the storm
Skipper does seem to mind storms, even thunder or lighten does effect him unless it is to close then he cuddles next to me, I don't know nothing of his first 5 years, he adopted me when he was 5, that's what I tell him Thank You for adopting me I say

Skipper does have his good days and bad days, just happy when I see him do different everyday things like he used to almost, think I am going to take him to the lake down the street tom morrow and sit a bit, either inside or outside the car will see how he feels when we get there, give him a change and he does like water, don't think we will go in but something about sitting by water relaxes you, it does me
and I did set his pool and tent back up tonight, so pool time, bring a smile to his face

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:38 am
by critters
:thankyou: We got a lot of clouds and some wind, but not even a single drop of rain! :? I'm not complaining, but it was bizarre.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 8:52 pm
by kandykane
That's good about Hurricane Dorian you not getting hit by it

But I got to do some research and find a gooder Vet here
and not no Doom and Gloom either
and find a good pic of a dogs inside nose which I will, the ones I have looked at so far, aren't good enough
Skipper finally let me look in his nose, not an easy task by any means at first, then I waited a couple hours and told him got to look at your nose and he was mellow about it

I think what I saw was a polyp in his nose

I called the Vet I was seeing that I do like for the most part, but, of course they are closed on Mondays so left a message
wasn't to nice but nice enough I think, said in brief, you looked at Skippers nose and sent out to the lab for the results as you thought it was nose mites, was not and that was the end of July he looked up his nose and it is the same symptoms, since July not as bad some days and not much nasal mucus the last couple days, still inverted sneezes like and like a congested sound coming from his nose, no it is not his chest it is his nose

Think I got to stop being a softy with these Vet's, feel like asking,
Do you know what you are doing or did you forget the oath you took and know it's just for money, and do you care about animals or not

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Mon Sep 09, 2019 11:38 pm
by CarolC
That's kind of cool the way he let you do that. I had to look up polyps because I have no experience with them at all. It said something about anaesthesia to really have a good exam? And the treatment would be surgery if it needs treatment? I guess that's where you ask, is it something he can live with? But it would sure be nice to know if it is a polyp. According to what I read, antibiotics do not help polyps, which would agree with what you said, the antibiotic did not help. I don't know, but it's an accomplishment that you actually were able to take a good look.

Just thinking out loud, it would be interesting to see if he gets any better now that the season is getting ready to change. You tried an antibiotic, but they never tried an antihistamine, did they? I wonder what that would do? I guess it's possible that maybe he's had a polyp for a while, but this wet weather has caused other nasal/sinus symptoms on top of that. :thinking:

If you don't want to do anaesthesia just for this, maybe the vet would agree to look at him next time he has a dental, whenever that is? No help here, wish I knew anything about it.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Sep 20, 2019 8:47 pm
by kandykane
Nothing new really here

But it is a inner ear infection and allergies
he did see small white bumps in Skippers nose but said allergy

Walked in the Vet's office and said look you are missing something here
need you to look good up Skippers nose, mouth and ears
So got ear drops, that's fun got to get Skipper between my legs and put them in

Skippers teeth are in great condition, he lets me brush his teeth
and if he gets tartar on them he lets me scrape it off

Had to take my sister to the dentist get her teeth looked at
Decided to take Skipper with us
good thing I did sat outside 5 hours waiting
it was at affordable dentures, she got a molar pulled
but as was sitting outside a few people had dogs and wanted tohave their dogs come over
and play with Skipper, had to politely tell them
my dog is handicapped right now and he don't like other dogs and he don't
can't understand why some people with other dogs
just assume they can bring their dog over to another dog
I never have, I have asked if I could pet the dog if I was walking by and they would come my way

We have had good weather the last few days, nice breeze and a little cool out
good for sitting out and pool time
not walking yet and I know he may never will
but he does get up higher when pooping and tried to pee on a tree doggie style

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Sat Sep 21, 2019 12:04 am
by CarolC
So are you wearing the eardrops and wiping them off the kitchen cabinets and the fridge and everything else in sight? You put them in and as soon as you let go, he shakes his head? Ear medicine everywhere. lol! He's got those fold over ears. Someone here had a dog with similar ears and and said they looked like a matador's hat. :D

I've said so many times about my dog, that during those first months, recovery seemed slow and I could *maybe* think she was improving ever so slightly every 6 to 8 weeks if I really stretched my imagination. That's the thing, you don't necessarily see a change every week or two weeks or three weeks or month, it's t-h-a-t s-l-o-w. It is VERY cool that he is kind of remembering his old tricks marking trees. The way I think of it is, every single small thing that comes back makes the dog feel more like his original self that he remembers, and so every single tiny thing counts a lot. He must have felt so satisfied after nearly lifting his leg on the tree.

Glad you are getting some cool weather and it's not raining and it's better for being out by the pool. Guess you sent the rain this direction, we got a ton of rain from Imelda last night but we needed it. I keep trying to see how much it was and haven't found the amount yet. Time to buy a rain gauge, I used to have one.

I've never known anyone who could scale tartar off their dog's teeth. It seems like that would be harder than doing ear medicine. No? Good luck!!

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Sun Sep 22, 2019 9:53 pm
by kandykane
Hope you didn't get to much rain I hear some parts are flooded there

It's not fun putting the drops in his ears, even tryed to put cottonballs in after, nope shake shake shake
so I had to straddle him put them in and have a couple treats in hand, let him eat a couple treats then let him do his shaking, figure only way to get some of it in there

Doing Skippers teeth he has to have his ball in his mouth, been doing it since I got him, he's got some patience he does, then we play with his chicken bone afterwards and he sings me a song with it, we used to get done and I'd throw his ball and he would run and get it and bring it back

I am happy to see small things Skipper does, I know it is a slow healing process and he may never walk, but either way I smile at different things he does and tries to do

I thought I seen a small smile when he was trying to lift his leg, he did make it over to his toy box today and picked out a toy, didn't walk but first time he has done that since his injury, funny watching, think he emptied the toybox and decided on his sheep, so we played tug o war

It is the little things that makes me smile, it's like he is saying I can't walk right now but I still got it

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Mon Sep 23, 2019 11:34 am
by critters
I guess you know about folding the ear flaps over and giving them a good squish after you put the bug juice in? Their canals are "L" shaped, so squishing gets the meds all the way in. It also cuts down on the fly-by, just a little!