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Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:58 am
by CarolC
kandykane wrote:
Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:58 pm
he is stretching his rear legs more on his own and rolled over on his back and bounced up and down on my bed, well he thinks it's his now
That is cool about stretching his legs and bouncing. I could not picture, was he bouncing on his back or the usual way? Rajahs Mom got a mini trampoline for Rajah (117 lbs akita mix) and stood her on it and bounced her a little. She said it builds strength. I think it was one of the recommendations of the therapist at the time. Rajah did learn to walk again.


If you can get Skipper to where he can stand up to eat (I realize this may be beyond him right now) Sheri used a trick with Pete (Jack Russell) to help him walk where she put a string on his food bowl and pulled it to get him to take steps.


I can relate to the computer issues, my Internet was down yesterday from 2-9. When I left to do errands the City had a contractor trimming trees around the utility pole in the alley behind us. I am really glad because they were clear up around the transformer and all the wires (telephone, Internet) are attached there and every time there's a storm the branches whip around. Anyway, when I came home at 2 they were finishing up and my Internet cable was lying in the yard. :(

So I called Spectrum and they said they would work me in if I could stay home and wait for their call between 2 and 9, which meant I couldn't leave the house, couldn't even go work in the backyard or I wouldn't hear the phone. He got here after 8, worked as fast as he could (this guy was REALLY good, Denzel somebody, amazing to see how fast he put in a whole new cable) and we were using a flashlight as he finished up close to 9, but he did it.

Have you ever tried a surge protector for your computer so you don't have to unplug it? The new ones tell you when they are reaching end of life so you know if you are still protected.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 9:39 pm
by kandykane
Skipper before he got injured used to got on his back and bounce up and down so I would scratch his belly for him, didn't stay on his back to long though

What I do a couple times a week, I'll put pieces of his food in a trail till he gets to his bowl, he does try to stand and eat, just doesn't have it yet, I think I will try the bowl trick too

Haha I was in dollar tree, got some Kleenex, Thank You for the tip and went to the kid section, had fake flies there, had to buy some, just don't think I want to be that mean though and put a fly on a string and act like it's flying and land, he is scared big time of flies, don't think I could do that to him, flies to him are like spiders to me nope nope nope

Glad you got your computer working, I do have a surge protector, I just don't like to chance it though, it usually will lose power 3-4 times in a minute, like power surges, than sometimes after that loss power all together or will stay on, so I just don't want to chance it, today had a storm felt like the thunder and lightening was going to come right in the house it was so close

Talk about looking up Skippers nose, he won't let me, he can still be a stubborn little turd, if he don't want to do it or have it done, your not going to get him to do it, Love that about him

No pool today, I was outside painting the house this morning, got 2 sides done before it got to hot and humid, finish tomorrow, but will do pool time first

I do got a mini trampoline and my yoga ball I use for my back, when I first got 1 Skipper would take it and run around the yard with it playing, sometimes he looked like a seal the way he had the ball, have to look through my pics see if I can find him playing with it, this is my 5th yoga ball, he destroyed my other ones

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2019 10:53 pm
by CarolC
Oh! If you've got a yoga ball, I don't know if it's the right size, but there is a ball exercise that is part of physical therapy for paralysis. You put the dog's midsection on the ball with his hind feet just touching the ground. Then you roll the ball just enough for his toes to leave the ground. It encourages a response in them to try to stretch to reach the ground with their hind feet. You can see an example in this article. ... _paralysis

I used to be allowed to attend the therapy sessions (before they moved to a new larger facility) and I would hug the physio-ball before they were going to use it to warm it up. I could see that maybe my dog wouldn't want to have her tummy put on something that felt cold and hard!

Hope he doesn't wreck this ball! :shock: :lol:

Another "exercise" (for lack of a better word) is to put hair elastics on the legs. I think it is supposed to help proprioception, which is being able to feel the legs and know where they are in space. Don't know why I just thought of that, maybe Dollar Tree reminded me of hair elastics. :lol:

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Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 8:08 pm
by kandykane
Thanks, blew up my fitness ball, Skipper made a bee line to it
tried to stand and play with it a no go, kinda fun how certain things get him to move and try to walk
did a couple exercises with it, he wasn't to thrilled with it, but first time is always rough, try agin in the afternoon, get him used to it

I decided to only give Skipper baby aspirin 2 times a day and take him off the Diazepam to see how
he would do, well first I cut the dose down, which I have done already, this is his 2nd day with no Diazepam
Seems as though he is trying to move his rear legs more and use them since I have done this
he is stretching them more on his own and when he eats almost completely stands
I wonder if he was just to drugged up, figure got to at least keep the aspirin just in case, kinda want to cut that dose down too, but then don't want him in pain or to have a set back, don't know how to put it so it makes sence, guess it's kinda like you got a headache you take a aspirin and it helps, but you don't do it all the time, cause you don't have a headache, you only take when needed

That's when it would come in handy if Skipper could say yes what he is feeling and when, we do talk and understand each other but this is different

He got mad at me today, no pool time, had to take my sister to the Dr. but let Skipper come with us, I drive her there bring her inside and sit outside and wait , they have a doorman that helps if you need it I usually talk with him when he isn't busy nice young man, usually leave Skipper home and I wheel her in, this time I asked if he would mind helping, didn't want to leave Skipper alone
Figure Skipper was getting stir crazy too sitting home, looking at the same old same old, he needed a break away, got home right before the rain
he is out, has the cutest little snore, means he had a good day and just happy to be home and relax
told him if up to it tomorrow we will do pool time, still gets his massages and therapy

Not licking his ding dong as much, that had me worried and his hair is growing back and not any well much hair in his poop the last 2 days, still has the inverted sneeze, so thinking allergies are still it, the grass and ragweed are in the high range here

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Tue Jul 23, 2019 11:00 pm
by CarolC
I don't blame you for wanting to be careful and avoid a relapse. As for the ball exercise, I have seen it done with balls of different sizes, I guess the therapist knows what size is right for each dog. But to me the peanut ball looks safer. You do not have to control side motion, just forward and backward. I'm kind of sorry I mentioned the ball. If he doesn't like it I wouldn't push him. I know the swimming is safe, and he seems to like it! :wub:

Here are examples of a peanut ball. I bought one for someone years ago from a catalog of teaching supplies for disabled children, but I don't remember what brand it was. It cost a whole lot more than this. I don't know if they've gotten cheaper or if the educational one was better quality. ... B013CHE7O2

Here is my dog on the peanut ball. It is supporting her whole midsection. (The hand is a physical therapist.)
Katie1.jpg (40.06 KiB) Viewed 2142 times
I had no experience with using valium till just this past week when Dolly was given one tablet (cut into 4 doses) because she was on muscle relaxers for a muscle spasm in her neck but we weren't making any progress. It really helped her relax. Other than that I don't know much about it.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Wed Jul 24, 2019 11:17 am
by kandykane
Sorry to hear about Dolly, hope she is feeling better

With the Valium, I was thinking that Skipper was too relaxed, seems he is moving more off it, trying more to stand, I don't know what effects it was having on him other than more mellow and slept more, but Skippers vet says more dogs seem to be able to relax more and heel better but still on his aspirin

I like the peanut ball, think my ball is too big and he thinks that's his play ball
going to check into the peanut ball, it does look safer and better than a round ball
than also going to the store I know they sell smaller balls in the toy section for a buck might try 1 of them but I am leaning to the peanut ball

Well no pool again today rain rain rain
short post will try and post later, it's poop and pee time before the rain starts pouring again

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Jul 26, 2019 1:42 pm
by critters
I'd bet the catalog is just more expensive than Ammy. Glad all the furs are doing reasonably well, y'all!

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Sat Jul 27, 2019 10:56 am
by CarolC
It's finally dried up here, knock on wood. We've only had 2 weeks of normal summer and already the cicadas are humming their end of summer song.

I think Dolly is over it. She's bouncy and seems to be her old self. It's possible having the house so cold is part of what made her tense up and get a kink in her neck. I've been putting a blanket over her playpen at night to keep any draft off of her.

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:42 pm
by kandykane
Glad Molly is better
Think you sent the rain here, did catch a break only a small storm today

Poor Skipper just isn't gonna catch a break
His Birthday today and took him to the vet just had too
he kept, doing the inverted sneeze and it was like he
couldn't get no air the last couple days
He did it at the Vets office and had nasal discharge there
mainly clear a little white, Vet got to look up his nose and took a sample and sending it to the lab
says might be nose mites, how the heck did that happen
Did he have it all along when he first got injured and took him to the other Vets
it just seems like he had mild inverted sneezes since then
and the house here is clean and got the air purifier going, also bought a couple more
he is the only dog/ animal
checked his lungs they sound sound not congested much, said nothing to worry about
since I let him know he does have allergies and he does, got the results from that ragweed and it is high here right now
Doesn't want to prescribe him antibiotics till the results come back

No improvement on Skipper's trying to walk though, he is trying to stand more when he eats and drinks

I got a smaller ball at walmart for now, he likes it so far but I did order a peanut ball from e bay
20 bucks the stores here want 48 and tax, should be here saturday

right now I think for the next few days I will let him take it easy though

did get an extra special bone for his birthday and a discount at the Vet's for his Birthday

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Tue Jul 30, 2019 8:27 pm
by CarolC
Happy Birthday, Skipper!
:newyear: :5balloons: :cake: :present: :party:
kandykane wrote:
Mon Jul 29, 2019 7:42 pm
No improvement on Skipper's trying to walk though, he is trying to stand more when he eats and drinks
Good for him! It takes a lot of balance to stand in one place, it's harder than it seems. I hope the pool tent is still working out for him. All those little bits of exercise help even though he may seem much the same. Massaging his legs, tickling his toes, everything. Standing is great!

Would you believe, I have never heard of nose mites? I had to look them up. I guess they are pretty common. Has he ever had them before? I wonder why I've never heard of them. Maybe they are less common here, compared to where you are?

I've also never heard of a birthday discount for dogs, now that's a great idea! :smart: I hope you can find out what's going on with his allergies. It doesn't help that it's just been that kind of a year weatherwise. :roll:

(((Hugs to Skipper)))

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Wed Jul 31, 2019 8:15 am
by kandykane
I never heard of nose mites either, I looked at the Vet like he was nuts
he says it happens more than people know
He gets his massages and exercises every day, took it easy on him for his Birthday

He Loves the pool, it's like he says come on pool time, we will get in there shortly before the rain

I like this Vet so far and yes Vet's should give discounts on your pets Birthday, he says that he thought they sure don't want to see me on their Birthday, they should be enjoying themselves
so the least he could do is give a discount so maybe they will get a extra treat on their day with the savings, he used to give treats out but stopped cause some of the pets he sees can't have certain treats and not fair if he can't give 1 to all his patients

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 9:09 pm
by kandykane
Skipper says Thank You for the Birthday wishes

Still waiting to see what is going on with Skipper
I am trying something in the mean time
got thinking he likes to rub his nose on the fresh towels I put down after washing
going to put towels down with no laundry detergent smell, going to wash a couple of times
just hot water
seems that he will start acting up after he rubs his nose on them
and going to cover with fresh sheets, even though been using the same detergent for years
just at a loss on how he could get nose mites, but got to wait on the tests to come back

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Thu Aug 01, 2019 10:09 pm
by CarolC
We have to have everything unscented here, too. Partly I prefer it that way but also I have one pet with allergies who really needs unscented. I used to use Sun free and clear but they don't seem to make the small bottles anymore. Lately I've been using Purex fee and clear, it's the cheapest free and clear at Walmart ($3.97) and it works fine. Does your sister use dryer sheets or anything like that? Is it possible the clothes are just picking up pollen while they dry on the line?

I hope you can get the smell out with hot water. It will probably be better than it was, but some of those fragrances can be hard to get out. I've bought things at the thrift store where I didn't notice the fragrance till I got home, and some of them I have not been able to get the smell out even with repeated washings, vinegar, hanging in the sun, baking soda, nothing. :roll: *sigh*

I was noticing that even the scent of my Palmolive dish detergent was smelling up the house enough to be a problem at night. A friend with allergies told me to try Seventh Generation free & clear dish detergent, she was right, it is really-really-really unscented. That has made a difference here.

Hope you figure out what he might be reacting to. It sounds like a good clue if it starts when he rubs his nose on the towels. We need a Sherlock Holmes smiley here! :D

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Fri Aug 02, 2019 12:50 pm
by critters
Happy birthday! :cake: :present: :5balloons:

Re: Please help new to this Skipper my dog is lame both back legs

Posted: Tue Aug 06, 2019 9:27 am
by kandykane
Got my peanut ball yea, Skipper likes it and so much easier to use more control with it
Skipper did take a walk to his water bowl all by himself had to stop half way there but he did it that is about 20 steps, but way back didn't use rear legs figure that's ok he's trying on his own terms

Still waiting for the tests to come back hate waiting but he did sneeze and a small bug came out of his nose and since then his inverted like sneezes has been far between and only a little clear with a little white snot, left a message with the Vet to let him know and saved the little bug
but also gave him some benadyrl and some homeopet cleanz detox plus he gets unfiltered coconut oil in with his dog food
My computer crashed why I haven't been on line, funny that's what I do is fix computers and finally had time to fix mine, don't like using my sister's but I can and don't like using my smart phone to small of keypad for me

Skipper is addicted to the pool I think but he has always liked water as long as it's not to wavy
today he don't want to do nothing though and that's ok still getting his massages and therapy in bed
so not letting him get off that easy