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Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Need Help Finding Chair

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Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Need Help Finding Chair

Post by eepsicles » Sun Jan 28, 2007 10:54 am

Last May I brought home JoJo from a friends house. He'd rescued Jo and his brother from a house where the care was questionable and they were both very emaciated. Sadly he had no time for the kittens so I was given one, the other went with someone else.

At first, the vet was sure it was nothing and he would be walking soon with a little encouragement. Jo will turn a year old in February and is still not walking. He can move all four limbs, but has a lot of trouble controlling them and maintaining his balance.

He has had two chairs so far. First, a rear support cart that held up his back hips; This would work fine to hold him up, but when he went to move he'd flop over onto his side either bringing the cart down or laying with his hips twisted in the cart and his front half on the floor. The Second, something we devised at home to hold up his front half as well came out okay. The problem with this was that he tended to lean to his side and get his feet caught behind the front set of wheels.

I've been looking at many carts online, which is how I came across this site. I was wondering if anyone knew of a wheelchair (or had an idea on making one?) that would stabilize both his hips and chest since he cannot hold up either end. I have seen a couple quads but none that I believe will keep him from slumping out of it like he has before. I would appreciate any help or advice!

ty, Kit

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Re: Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Need Help Finding Chai

Post by critters » Sun Jan 28, 2007 3:53 pm

I'd go with a quad, absolutely. Have you seen the homemade ideas here at HP?

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Re: Kitty With Cerebellar Hypoplasia, Need Help Finding Chai

Post by Barbara Boehmer » Sun Jan 28, 2007 4:14 pm

I had a cat with a balance problem. I built him a homemade cart that stood him upright and kept him from falling over but was too heavy for him to move easily. I used 1/2" diameter copper water pipe and elbow connectors and t-connectors, reinforced with duct tape, and casters to build a frame, then hung a large ferret hammock from the two side rails with holes cut for each paw. The side rails had to be just wide enough to get the cat in and out from the top and just at the right height so that the cat could stand on the floor, but if he fell, the hammock would support his belly and the sides of the hammock would keep him upright, instead of tipped over. It had to be long enough and wide enough that the wheels were away from his paws and wide enough that it would not tip. It probably would have been lighter if I had used pcv pipes and elbows and connectors, instead of copper. He was elderly and terminally ill, with tumors in his head, and I knew I did not have enough time to order a professionally-made cart. However, in your case, it sounds like you have time. There is a photo of a cat in a quad cart in the link below, that looks lightweight and stable. They might be able to custom-make something appropriate for your cat.

Barbara Boehmer (not a veterinarian, just a fellow pet owner)

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