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Wheel Size for Mini Cart?

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Wheel Size for Mini Cart?

Post by ahughey »

Is it possible or even a good idea to get a larger/more rugged wheel for a mini cart? The measurements for my dog result in a 9 inch strut and 4 inch wheel but I'm wondering if that is a good wheel for uneven terrain. Also, are the wheels interchangeable if I were to have two different sizes? Thanks
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Re: Wheel Size for Mini Cart?

Post by nbregger »


You could order the 6" strut with the 8" wheels which would cover a fold of flank from 6" to 10". Please call to order, 888-811-7387
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Re: Wheel Size for Mini Cart?

Post by mtgiii »

My dog was first paralyzed at age 6 and he recovered and was walking at about 65% from age 7 after a year of acupuncture, electrolysis to his spine and aqua therapy (treadmill in a full bathtub). He turned 13 years old in Nov '21 and in 5 short weeks he lost the ability to walk. I bought him a "MEDIUM" Walkin' Wheels and I think the chair itself is the perfect size for him. However, and perhaps because he is now 13 years old, but I think I need to replace the 7-8 inch wheels and get him a set of the 12 inch wheels.
We have lived in Costa Rica since I got him and he gets frustrated and discouraged because the smaller wheels get stuck in gravel, by sticks and stones, sand at the beach and when going up an incline or decline ... Almost to where he only wants to walk on asphalt or a smoothly paved concrete. On two occasions he got excited and started jumping up & down with his front legs and the wheelchair did a wheelie and got flipped backwards and vertically stuck. The chair is the correct size and it fits him perfectly ... I just think he needs the bigger wheels so he can walk and carry his rear half with much less effort with the bigger 12 inch wheels. Seems they will roll over rocks, sticks, beach sand, gravel, etc. ... much easier and without the dog burning so much energy trying to walk with the smaller tires ... Thoughts anyone ???? See my boy (Mr. Haney) in his Walking Wheels chair he has owned since January in the attached pic! Thanks for any and all constructive advice ... Please advise ... ~ MTGIII
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Re: Wheel Size for Mini Cart?

Post by critters »

:whale: With humans and wheelchairs larger front wheels work MUCH better for "four wheeling" than smaller ones. I'd expect the dynamics to be similar for critters. I'd think the problem with critters would be sizing and weight with the larger wheels; I think I'd probably want to do a trial run with larger wheels if I had a pupper in similar circumstances, even if I had to DIY a temporary measure to do so.

PS--Similarly, for humans four wheeling wheelchairs is best accomplished in reverse, regardless of the size of the front wheels, although bigger front wheels make it even easier. I'd call it a bit of validation for your theory!
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