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Rubbing and sores?

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Rubbing and sores?

Post by Sammyleigh »

The little dog I'm looking after tried her wheels for the first time yesterday. It went really well and she loved her first walk. The only issue is that it's rubbing on her lady bits and making them red and sore . She does have unusually large bits 🙈 but im not sure if its the fitting. I think the fitting is correct and her pads just touch the ground. Is a bit of rubbing and redness normal as they get used to it?
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Re: Rubbing and sores?

Post by critters »

I don't know that the HP staffers check the board on weekends, but I expect you'll get an answer tomorrow (Monday).
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Re: Rubbing and sores?

Post by nbregger »

Hi Sammyleigh,

Usually a dog would not get sores from the leg rings unless they are in the chair more than an hour or if they get wet.
Make sure that the leg rings are not too tight. They should hang down 4" from the frame if you put you hand in the middle connector piece. Make sure the leg rings look like two C's and not two V's. Please send me pictures of your dog in the chair for fitting evaluation: :thankyou: Nancy@hpets.net
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