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SNAP wraps

For those seeking advice on caring for incontinent pets and animals with kidney-related problems.
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SNAP wraps

Post by FYI » Tue Sep 08, 2020 11:24 pm

SNAP Wraps© are the stylish way to keep your special needs kitty dry and happy, while keeping your home clean and odor free. Our diapers are extremely absorbent, waterproof and machine washable, while our ACCESSORIES are light, durable and easy to clean. No more ugly disposables and snail trails on your floors. SNAP Wraps© are the smart and economical solution for you and your special needs kitty.

SNAP Wraps© are hand-sewn per order, with great attention paid to every detail. And they'll out perform ANY other kitty diaper on the market!
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Re: SNAP wraps

Post by CarolC » Fri Sep 11, 2020 11:03 am

I love this!
No more ugly disposables and snail trails
Snail trails! :lol: :haha: :hysterical: :trophy:

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Re: SNAP wraps

Post by critters » Fri Sep 11, 2020 12:26 pm

Wish I'd had them when Baby was alive! Yeah, "snail trail" is a nice way to put it! :lol:

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