Incontinence acupuncture Minneapolis

For those seeking advice on caring for incontinent pets and animals with kidney-related problems.
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Incontinence acupuncture Minneapolis

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I have a manks kitty with severe spina bifida. He cannot urinate on his own and I express his bladder regularly. I read that some people have had good results with acupuncture. Does anyone have experience with this? Perhaps know a place in minneapolis where we could get this done?
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Re: Incontinence acupuncture Minneapolis

Post by sarah »

I've been taking my 11 month old Boston Terrier Finnegan to acupuncture since we adopted him in September. He has Spina Bifida with dual incontinence... the acupuncture though was mainly in hopes of preventing him from losing the use of his back legs, which was (and still is, at least to some extent) questionable. I have to say, I'm SHOCKED at how well it has worked for his mobility. However, with that being said, his doctor does still consistently try techniques for his incontinence and we have not seen any change whatsoever with regard to that. She admitted from the beginning that it was a long shot, but worth a try.

To sum it all up, acupuncture has been a miracle for Finn because I really feel firmly its helped keep him out of a wheelchair, BUT we have unfortunately not seen any difference with his incontinence issues. May still be worth a shot though for you though :wink: Good luck and keep us posted!
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