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emotional support

Please use this forum to provide suggestions and feedback about the site. We may not have time to respond to each individual suggestion, but all will be read and considered.
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emotional support

Post by amyd »

I think it would be great to have a forum where we can support each other as petowners who understand why we care for our pets the way we do. "Friends" treat you like you are crazy, telling you the "quality of life" story. It would be a good forum to help each other get throught these situations. My family is very supportive, but my friends on the other hand truly think I have just gone bonkers. I don't care what my friends think. I care about Brooklyn. God put her into my life for a reason. End of story. You can read Brooklyn's story under "rescue" - popular thread about a 2 pound chihuahua, or under the photo gallery under "Brooklyn from Texas." Amy
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Caretaker's Cafe

Post by Dianne »

Hi Amy,

We use the Caretaker's Cafe for those emotional issues. It isn't easy to care for a sick or disabled pet; you learn to know who is a true friend when your pet is sick.

We DO understand all of those issues. Dianne

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