Prototype Testing Program

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Prototype Testing Program

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For our Prototype Testing Program, we are currently accepting applicants who have pets with a variety of mobility conditions to add to our database, and we now have an application questionnaire available. 
All disabled pet owners are encouraged to apply if they are interested, however we do have a number of prototypes currently that have some specific requirements. Pet owners who are local to the Southern NH area and/or able to travel here would be ideal, however we are open to candidates from around the country as well. Here are the criteria we are looking for specifically:

1. Dogs with full front limb amputations or other front limb mobility conditions.
2. Dogs with weakness or paralysis of the rear legs and strong front legs, between 40-60lbs who would use a Medium/Large Walkin' Wheels Wheelchair. Local would be great for this one!
3. Pets with vision impairment.
4. Dogs with injuries/chronic conditions of the Knee or Elbow joints.

Those who are interested may sign up through this link, and fill out the questionnaire:
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