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Terms and conditions

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The HandicappedPets message board is dedicated to helping caretakers give their handicapped pets the best care possible. Remember that advice offered here is no substitute for the advice of a qualified professional.

Please keep the main focus of discussion on handicapped pets, and keep your language family friendly at all times. When you join the discussion, be sure the title on your message tells people what it is about, and that you post in the most appropriate category.

Please give credit when you quote a source and do not not knowingly take credit for the work of another, in order to effect proper credit and safe keep the HandicappedPets Message Board from any claims related thereto.

Please do not post petitions or advertising on this board and do not use HTML.

Links or references to a member's personal commercial website may only be posted with moderator approval.

Be courteous and respectful to other members, and if you have any concerns about the message board, please address them to a moderator. If you see a post that is not appropriate, please report it.

Administration has the ability to view private messages to verify spamming or harassment. Avoid putting sensitive personal information such as credit card numbers in private messages as this not a secure site.

By using this forum, you agree to the terms and guidelines.

Welcome to the HandicappedPets message board! We are glad you are here!
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