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Social Networking

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Social Networking

Post by HandicappedPets.net » Wed Aug 26, 2015 7:02 pm

HandicappedPets.com has an entry level position open in our customer service department for someone who understands the power of social networking and can keep their finger on the pulse of the internet. Responsibilities to include in part:

Maintain social networks
  • Read the feeds, stay on top of what our customers are saying
  • Like and comment on other’s posts
  • Research opportunities for publicity
  • Answer or redirect questions asked
  • Identify great stories
  • Share other’s pictures and videos
Define social media goals

Identify new social media trends

Post on Blogs
  • Doggie Wheelchair
  • Dog Wheelchair Reviews
  • Upload Videos to Facebook
  • Daily Posts
  • repin and make original pins


Daily Motion


Testimonial Pages

Google +

2016 Calendar

Pet Healer Project

Understand our products

Provide phone support

Gather customer testimonials

Know how to manipulate graphics – Photo editing

Be able to understand analytics

Some HTML abilities

If interested, please contact Mark Robinson directly.

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