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Volunteers Needed

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Volunteers Needed

Post by HandicappedPets.net » Tue Dec 18, 2018 5:29 pm

We're looking for a few dozen or so people who can give HandicappedPets.com some feedback on the website.

Here's what we need:

1. Website Review.
We try so hard to make our website easy to use, but it's still not easy enough. We're looking for people who will go on our website with an assignment such as "Your dog is having trouble walking", find and order the products they think they need, and answer some questions about their experience. Ideally we want people who are not familiar with our website but have experience with animals. Although we're looking for 'volunteers' we will probably put together some gifts or discounts for them.

2. Search Review.
When you type in a word on our search bar, do the right pages come up? We will need one or more people who are familiar with our website and familiar with caring for pets. We will give them a list of words. They will type in the words, see what appears, and recommend other pages on the site that should be coming up first. This is something that we will pay for.

If there's anyone on the BBS that would like to participate, please have them email me.

Warm Regards,

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Re: Volunteers Needed

Post by critters » Fri Jan 04, 2019 5:57 pm

When I run across weirdnesses in pages, broken links, etc. I already report them. Happily, I haven't seen many lately.

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