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My boy Tierseas is undergoing chemo

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My boy Tierseas is undergoing chemo

Post by BendyMom » Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:50 am

He is 10, blind from eye infections as a tiny kitten (herpes virus).
He has been my "squooshy" boy, loving hugs and snuggles.
When I knew Bendy was terminal I told Tierseas he was going to take Bendy's torch.
and then Tierseas developed a very aggressive cancer, hemangiosarcoma, in his neck, a very strange location.
It has been removed twice. the first time it was fairly simple, the second time (four months later) it was a complicated and difficult surgery. My vet really felt that I shoudl pursue treatment for it. I am lucky enough that a friend is sponsoring his treatment.

This tumor was insanely aggressive. You could see it growing in just a couple days. I've never heard of anything like it. My hope was that the chemo would stop its growth. The first chemo didn't. I pressed for an ealry followup and change in therapy, which we did.
To my absolute amazement the tumor is shrinking.
Also to my absolute amazement, he is doing fantastic. He is eating and active, doing all his normal things. I had feared he woudln't like to see Xmas and he has. The treatment is a 20 minute infusion every three weeks, he had his ssecond treatment last monday. the tumor is still shrinking.

I've never done chemo for a cat before, I've known people who have and just like with human cancer the results were mixed both for how the cats tolerated it and for the how effective it is.

I just wanted tos ay how glad I am to have my Squooshy boy still with me, even though he is thinner (from the cancer not the chemo) he still is as snuggly as ever.

He is 10. Came to me in May 2009.


Bendy Kitty
forever in my heart
always missed
i am not the same without you.

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Re: My boy Tierseas is undergoing chemo

Post by critters » Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:18 pm

Aww, poor fella. I've never done real chemo, either, just things like pred. Good luck!

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Re: My boy Tierseas is undergoing chemo

Post by CarolC » Tue Dec 31, 2019 1:20 pm

Ohmygosh. I am so glad it is working. I am glad you tried another kind of chemo when the first one didn't work, and that you did it right away, and he is responding! It sounds amazing. I have never done chemo with a cat either. He sure looks like a snuggle kitty in his picture. I guess a 20 min infusion means holding still for 20 minutes. Every 3 weeks seems like a good interval. Big hugs to Tierseas, I am so glad he has someone taking such good care of him.
:wub: :wub:

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