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Hi All,
I have a beautiful 6 year old Labrador Oscar, who just before Christmas had a fall and suffered an ANNPE.
After recently speaking to his neurologist he was quite shocked that Oscar wasn't walking after nearly 6 months.
Obviously this was quite a shock as i thought his improvements, while slow, were really positive. We have a consultation booked for Thursday but before i go i'd quite like to know your experiences on the time scale of an injury. He does have voluntary movements, reflexes and can hold his own weight for sometimes up to 10 seconds so i'm definitely not giving up hope on him yet.
So my first question is... Has anyone's dog suffered the same injury and how long has they're recovery taken? Surely there isn't a time limit on an injury like this?
The internet says the usually recovery is 2 weeks but how is it possible for anyone/anything to recover from a spinal injury after 2 weeks?!?
Also... Hydrotherapy is next on the cards along with his weekly physiotherapy. Unfortunately he's still incontinent, while i can usually predict whats gonna come from what end its going to get quite costly if i misjudge before letting him in the pool. Can anyone recommend any waterproof nappies/suits that will do they trick?
Thanks in advance for your help :)
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Hi KatieB!


I agree, if your dog has voluntary movements and can stand for 10 seconds, I would absolutely not give up. My dog did not have ANNPE, she had a spinal fracture. It took longer than 6 months for her to walk but she did, and hydrotherapy was a huge help.

There are two things that can help with keeping your dog from messing during hydrotherapy. One is to manually express the bowel before PT. Maybe you are doing that already. You stimulate his bottom to trigger a reflex so the potties "on demand". Here is an article explaining some of the methods that can be used. Many people find the ice cube or Q-tip method easy. I like the squeezing method, it does not seem to depend on a reflex.

:arrow: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=18586

The other thing is nappies, as you say. Here is a link to a swim wrap that has a cord lock tail to contain waste in the rehab pool. There may be other brands, but I've bought this one before for a dog named Pasha. Pasha used to go to PT at the same time as my dog, and the physical therapist finally figured out that Pasha needed to potty twice every morning, then she was OK to put in the water.
https://www.samsdoghut.com/ecommerce/doggie-essentials/swimwear-doggie-diaper-wraps.html wrote: Highly recommended for all ages of both male and female dogs experiencing fecal incontinence. Designed with a unique (Patent Pending) Drawstring and Cord-Lock System to trap most feces from entering into treadmills and pools. Used for Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy for dogs using equipment on either underwater treadmills or pools. Used for dogs with Degenerative Myelopathy, disc disease, or paralysis due to injury or accident. Machine washable and is a unisex product. Available in (10) sizes: 2X-Small thru 5X-Large Sizes.
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