Cat treats for chronic constipation

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Cat treats for chronic constipation

Post by CarolC »

I've never heard of this, but someone should invent it. Cat treats with Miralax or lactulose in them. Maybe with fiber. But yummy. :chef: Why isn't this on the market? Or is it?

Libby is doing pretty well with her constipation, but wouldn't it be wonderful if you noticed your cat was seeming a little backed up and you could give him/her extra treats (in addition to his/her daily lactulose that is stirred into food)? What a great tool for managing constipation it would be.
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Re: Cat treats for chronic constipation

Post by critters »

I've never heard of such a thing for critters, but they make fiber gummies for humans. It seems it'd be easy enough to make a meat flavor for critters, but fiber can be constipating itself if not used with enough liquid.
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