paralyzed rescue

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paralyzed rescue

Post by ruby71174 » Mon Sep 19, 2016 2:51 pm

I looked for an existing topic but none really fit perfectly so I'm gonna try this..i went down-and rescued some kittens that a woman's son had left unattended when he moved out of trailer on her property and of course they weren't spayed/neutered. And became too much for her. Most were semi-feral but one of them, a garage door landed on him and I'm assuming damaged nerves. He moves his legs still a little on his own. especially when going potty, I have noticed. My hope is that it will heal- but evidently he was this way for a month before I rescued him. I have looked into building a wheelchair for him, but then he always wants to climb up on the couch-which I don't care if he does- but then the wheelchair would be a hindrance to him. I am assuming that he built up a callous type thing on his butt-he was OUTSIDE believe it or not that whole time before I got him. I have tile. But I noticed after I bathed him, I'm assuming it softened it up. I tried cutting up a sock to protect him, cut I'm concerned with the pressure point sores but that was off in two minutes. I tried using gauze and that stretchy wrap like they use when you donate blood....I talked to a group and they said all their wheelchairs were for 8 pounds and up- which he is not yet. he gets around fine with just his front legs and dragging behind, but I don't want like others are their any ideas? I finally just took a pad and taped it on him- figured it will eventually come off but hopefully protect for a little while. Any ideas on building the wheelchair too? I bought a toy wheelchair for a doll and am trying to adjust it and use it??

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Re: paralyzed rescue

Post by critters » Tue Sep 20, 2016 6:53 am

:slant: Oh, yeah, there are TONS of topics like this up on the neuro board. You're right--cats are notoriously intolerant of wheels and tend to only like them for certain purposes of short duration, such as a change of position. With that said, that might be an idea for getting him off the spot. You're right--skin breakdown and UTIs (urinary tract infections) tend to be the biggest problems with spinal cord injury. Contractures are another possibility.

Personally, I used PVC to build a cart. It's cheap and light, but the hardest part was working out a harnessing system that worked. If you have access to borrowing some of those carts (wheelchairs) I would try some--different brands, sizes, etc. and see what works. Weight ain't nothing but a number. :mrgreen:

You might consider a Drag Bag for some protection of the site. Where is the spot? Knee? Foot? Other? A pic would be nice.

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