Help w Nerve Injury (Leg/Paw) Recommendations!

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Help w Nerve Injury (Leg/Paw) Recommendations!

Post by robertos » Mon Sep 10, 2018 4:01 am

Hi everyone,
This is my very first post. I was VERY happy to have found such awesome community. All the answers n threads i read are FULL of great feedback n comments. So i thought i might be just as lucky to get some replies :)

One of my cats (i have 5) had an injury to his front leg/paw. Althought the injury is only internal, outside everything is totally fine, he cannot move (i believe) his paw -but the whole limb does move though.
I just visited the vet and he told me he has a nerve injury that cannot heal and the only solution would be an amputation.

1) He did NOT scan/ex-rayed the paw, so how does he know the nerve is totally detached? Guess, i believe... (he is a very good doctor normally, but happens to everyone to oversee something or to give a "too-quick" solution.

2) I have read many of you mentioned that nerves will normally regenerate (slowly, fine). How "bad" was the injury of your healed cats?

3) The cat is totally fine, only one of its paw is...limp. Do you know of any tutors/solutions/bendage/anything that could be worn or applied to the cat's paw? in the same fashion you would bendage him after a broken bone issue, for instance.

I believe that nerves can heal with proper time and I am confident that a solution that will avoid amputation can AT LEAST be tried prior such no-going-back decision.

The cat does wander off normally in the big garden, yet since his injury i think he has calmed down a lot -if you are thinking bandages can become an issue.

I TOTALLY LOVE MY ANIMALS&PETS so I am ready to do the extra mile if needed, in terms of nursing him, if i can avoid an amputation (he is only 3 years old).

I wish to thank you in advance for you kind reply.
Please throw me whichever "crazy" idea you might have and feedback/experience with the same issue, I'd be very honored however.
All the best

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Re: Help w Nerve Injury (Leg/Paw) Recommendations!

Post by critters » Mon Sep 10, 2018 9:09 am

Long answer above, in other post.

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