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Financial Assistance Needed for Kujo's Recovery

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Financial Assistance Needed for Kujo's Recovery

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My sweet 4-year-old lab, Kujo, has suffered from a spinal stroke 2 Sundays ago which has left him completely paralyzed in his back legs. Being from South Ga., we are no where near to a major trauma center like we needed. We went to the ER vet immediately where blood tests and x-rays were conducted.

Nothing was ever found on those tests, so we were referred to Capital Veterinary Specialists in Tallahassee. They ran more detailed scans like a CT, MRI, myology, etc. That's when we found the issue. We immediately asked to start PT since it was not surgical. We have started on cold laser and as of last Thursday, we got to bring him home!

As ready as I was to have him home after 10 long days, I had no idea what I was doing. I'm newly graduated from college and got Kujo when I was only 20. He's always been very healthy and well-behaved, the most perfect pup I could ask for. I'd go to the ends of the earth to exhaust every option, which is what we almost had to do it seems like. I know that Kujo & I have a long road ahead with his at home therapy and traveling back & forth for PT in Tallahassee. Being so young, I had not saved up for anything like this and even if I had, I believe I would still have to ask for help.

Below is the link for Kujo's GoFundMe. Please feel free to read and share. Any donations are beyond appreciated as well as good thoughts and prayers for a speedy, steady recovery for my boy!!

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